How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contact number

Is it possible?

That's the question I had before.

If you want to send a message to strangers, you typically need to save it first before sending a message to that number.

I do not find the feature send directly in WhatsApp; We can only send it to WhatsApp if it has been saved or added contacts.

And doing that repeatedly makes me lazy.

What is the easy way to send messages without saving the numbers?

I knew it!

We will use a short link made by WhatsApp; How it works by sharing links, and if anyone clicks, it will redirect to the WhatsApp number.

Understand? OK, continue.

It is usually used by entrepreneurs like an online store. They direct prospective buyers to their WhatsApp account.

In fact, in WhatsApp business, this short link feature is already available, try to check.

This feature is targeted at business users.

At this time, I will give you a way of sending messages to a stranger number without having to save a number in WhatsApp using a short link.

How to send a message

1. Use the link below

2. Change number with your own WhatsApp number.

Example: Your number : +6283147220457

To use it, paste it into a browser such as Chrome, then go with the link, then you will be redirected to the number of the destination WhatsApp.

If you want to use it for someone else to your number without needing to save it, share these links via messages, websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.


WhatsApp is social media to send a message that is very fast and easy to use.

They provide a way of sending messages to unknown numbers to facilitate their business users.

By utilizing the short link feature, we and others do not need to save the number when sending messages.

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