Simple way to Clean or Remove dust and dirt from Eyes

While I was driving, my eyes are often exposed to dust and dirt that cause pain and red eyes.

It comes from very small dust particles or debris from downstream other vehicles; Even small animals like insects that love to fly at night.

After dust and dirt are in my eyes, it causes red-eye and interferes with comfort in driving.

Usually, when the eye is exposed to dust or dirt, the first thing that is often done to remove it is by rubbing the eyes with the fingers.

In fact, the habit can harm the eyes and cause irritation.

So, from now, STOP to rub eyes OK!.

There is one traditional way to clean dust and dirt from the eye.

Use water!

In addition to drinking, it can also be used to cleanse the eyes of the annoying particles.

Usually, I often use this way to treat them because they are quite potent and more natural.

In this post, I will give you a way to clean or remove dust and dirt that interfere with the eyes.

How to Remove

There are two ways to treat eyes with water.

First Way

1. Wash and clean the hand using SOAP.

2. Prepare clean water and free from dirt.

3. Take water by hand, then insert water into the eyes

Second Way

1. Prepare a medium-size bowl.

2. Fill with clean water and free from dirt

3. Put your eyes in a bowl full of water.

4. Don't forget to wink a few times for dust and dirt out.


Eyes are a very important organ of sight.

With eyes, we can see the world; Therefore, we must maintain eye health by cleaning it from dirt, dust and other foreign bodies.

Problems can arise at any time, whether it is driving or walking.

Dust, dirt or insects can cause red eyes.

Just by using water, this problem can be resolved.

If there is an easy and natural way, why should use a difficult way.

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