How to use masks to prevent coronavirus

Until 24 January 2020, the virus caused pneumonia had swallowed as many as 26 victims with more than 800 people infected in China.

Some exhortation continues to be conveyed by the world Government to alert people, one of them using masks.

How to use masks to prevent coronavirus

Masks are one of the self-protection tools that can prevent the body from exposure to air and dust pollution.

Masks are the main precautions of the various risks of diseases that spread through the particles in the air.

Research in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases found that the use of correct masks could lower the risk of diagnosing 80% lower flu-like disease.

Two types of masks were widely selected, namely the surgical mask and mask N95.

Surgical masks or face masks are disposable types that are often used by medical personnel when handling patients.

Surgical masks are easy to find, so many people use it every day.

This type of mask will help protect you by preventing the exposure of large particles in the air that may contain viruses.

While N95 serves to filter large and small particles in the air.

The name N95 comes from its capabilities that can filter 95% of particles in the air.

Which type of masks recommended for coronavirus prevention?

Looking at how it works, the N95 type masks may be more recommended use for coronavirus prevention because it is more effective in filtering various particles in the air.

Also, the more restrictive mask N95 feels better to protect you from viral infections when compared to surgical masks that still have gaps.

However, N95 mask not recommended for daily use.

Leo Yee Sin, executive director of The National Center for Infectious Diseases in Singapore, told The Straits Times that when you used an N95 mask and still could breathe a sigh of relief, it means you're not using it appropriately.

The N95 masks are usually only recommended for medical staff.

Usage of N95 masks for public only increases in certain situations such as the appearance of haze. Its use is also not recommended too long because it will make you trouble breathing.

Therefore, a surgical mask or mask remains a recommendation to prevent coronavirus infection. To be more effective, you can change it every day.

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